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Useful Links

To find out more about the Swiss occupational benefit planning system, please find below a non-exhaustive list of specialised websites.

Legislation, regulations and authorities

ASIP Charter
Rules of good governance for occupational benefit planning.

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Federal Social Insurance Office
OFAS provides up-to-date information on occupational benefit planning.

Guide to federal law
All the legislation relating to occupational benefit planning.

Accounting Standards
Recommendations regarding the preparation of accounts (RPC) for pension funds.

Professional associations and institutes

International Actuarial Institution
AAI groups local professional actuarial associations and their individual actuaries.

Association for personnel representatives
ARPIP offers a range of information and courses for foundation board members.

European Association of Paritarian Institutions
AEIP organises events and publishes surveys to promote equitable management.

Swiss Association of Actuaries
ASA provides information on the profession and training of actuaries.

Swiss Pension Fund Association
As the central association for 1,050 pension funds, the Swiss Pension Fund Association (ASIP) is committed to occupational benefit planning.

Swiss Chamber of Pension Actuaries
CAC publishes directives for experts on the federal law for occupational benefit planning.

Fiduciary Chamber
The Swiss Fiduciary Chamber presents the profession of chartered accountant, financial expert, and fiduciary.

Pension Fund Group
The Pension Fund Group (GIP) encourages the exchange of practical experiences between members (public and private pension funds).

French Institut of Actuaries
IA groups all chartered professionals working in the actuarial business.

Practical Information

The 1st pillar explained
Everything you need to know about the Swiss Old-age Pension and Disability benefits system (AVS, Assurance Vieillesse et Survivants).

2nd pillar portal
The publishing house EPAS provides, in particular, reference documents and an events listing on the subject of occupational benefit planning.

Provisions Forum (Vorsorgeforum)
Up-to-date information on occupational benefit planning (in German).