Pittet Associates Ltd is the new and sole representative in the Swiss market of the international Asinta network, a network which draws together some twenty firms from all over the world specialising in actuarial advice, personal insurance brokerage and employee benefit services. This partnership...


We are committed to defending and facilitating access to occupational benefit schemes.

Solidarity and stability represent the main principles of the 2nd pillar pension scheme in Switzerland. We are committed to defending and perpetuating these objectives. This committment is highlighted by our active participation in pension-related institutional debates.

Maintaining confidence

Our involvement extends to our efforts to promote occupational benefit planning and make it more accessible, in order to maintain and build stakeholder confidence. We consider important, therefore, to popularise terms and share information.

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Our expertise makes us the key partner in the field of occupational benefit planning and insurance.

Our clients are faced with an increasing number of challenges in the area of occupational benefit planning: a restrictive legal and regulatory framework, growing demands from stakeholders, and new requirements regarding company management and organisation.

A Key Partner

Specific technical skills are required to meet these challenges. Thanks to our experience and expertise, our goal is to be the key point of contact in the face of these challenges. We have the requisite skills in the following areas of expertise:

Actuarial advice

Legal advice


Risk Management