Pittet Associates does not support the proposals made by its historic founder to overhaul the Swiss Occupational Pensions Act


Following the publication by Dr Meinrad Pittet, the company’s founder, of a “Draft Version of a Fully Overhauled Swiss Occupational Pensions Act”, Pittet Associates would like to clarify that it has nothing to do with this initiative, and that Mr Pittet is no longer associated with the firm.

At the end of November, the press and pillar 2 circles were abuzz with the publication online by Dr Meinrad Pittet of a sizable document entitled “Draft Version of a Fully Overhauled Swiss Occupational Pensions Act”, in which he presented, for the occupational pensions sector, “a ground-breaking draft, which allows us to dream of a better and more reassuring tomorrow in a manner that is socially consistent, actuarially correct, economically sustainable, financially solid and conceptually sound.” 

Whilst it respects the right of all people to express their opinions, and identifies itself with the values of commitment to and defence of pillar 2, Pittet Associates would like to clarify, without entering into the details of the proposals made, that it has nothing to do with Dr Meinrad Pittet’s initiative or with the proposals made by him, and that it does not have any intention, either at present or in future, to participate actively in political debate. As is appropriate considering its status as an expert licensed by the OPSC, it will limit itself to stating its position in a technical and neutral manner in the event that its opinion is sought.

Moreover, although it is proud to have been founded in 1993 by Dr Meinrad Pittet, a major figure within the Swiss pillar 2 community, Pittet Associates would like to recall that its founder does not have any involvement in its management, either as an investor or on an operational level. Dr Meinrad Pittet resigned from all positions in the company 10 years ago, and Groupe Vaudoise acquired full ownership of Pittet Associates in 2019.