Pension Planning Consulting

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Pension funds, companies, and individuals
may be exposed to a number of situations
where advice or input from an external
pension-planning specialist can be beneficial.

Our extensive experience in occupational benefit planning has led us to advise many of our clients at key transitional periods. Each case requires personalised advice and a close partnership built on confidence. In addition to our experience, we offer an open-minded approach and a network of competent and trustworthy partners.

Our stong advantage is the independence we maintain with regards to other service providers (reinsurance companies, investment funds, banks, asset management companies, etc.). We do not work on a commission basis and are therefore able to serve our clients without conflict of interest. Our actuaries and lawyers work closely with one another to find the optimum solution for your occupational benefit scheme.

Customised Service
Whether you are enquiring about legal, actuarial or organisational issues, or a combination of all three, our multidisciplinary team can assess your situation, suggest appropriate solutions, and make technical recommendations. Once you have opted for one of the solutions, we will assist you in setting it up using the requisite know-how and diligence.

Main Strengths

  • Solid experience
  • Excellent knowledge of the Swiss pension fund market
  • Independence and diligence
  • A team of highly qualified specialists
  • Pluridisciplinary approach


For further information, please contact Mr Stéphane Riesen.