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Pension funds are required to meet long-term
commitments. Managing this timeline is at the heart
of our consulting service, which is why we place
so much importance on carrying out projections.

We offer our customers regular projections to highlight the repercussions of a variety of assumptions on the potential financial status of their pension funds. Such an approach gives our customers a realistic long-term vision of the evolution of their fund, and helps them plan for the future with peace of mind.

Cutting-edge technology
We use highly efficient, state-of-the-art software for our projections. These can be customised to match the specific requirements of each institution. It is worth noting that our extensive experience in this type of analysis has enabled us to develop internally a range of high-performance tools.

Decision-making assistance
Projections allow us to establish specific reports, in-depth appraisals, and complete ALM studies. Our detailed reports enable our clients to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of their capital.

Key strengths

  • Powerful software
  • Close consideration of the specific characteristics of your fund
  • Clear, concise and meticulous reports
  • Solid experience in stochastic modelling


For further information, please contact Mr Stéphane Riesen.