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In today’s world, pension funds need to improve
their communication with their customers,
in particular their policyholders. The Internet
is a worthy option for this task.

With our WebPension website tool, we offer the perfect solution to proactively communicate quality information. Developed specifically for pension funds, WebPension is notable for its user-friendliness.

Developed for Pension Funds
WebPension features are adapted to the requirements of pension funds: on-line benefit calculations, registration for an electronic newsletter, a list of websites related to occupational benefit schemes, practical information regarding your institution, etc.

You can see WebPension in action by connecting to CPCL (Caisse de pensions du personnel communal de Lausanne).

Modular and customisable
Based on WordPress open-source technology and developed in partnership with WnG Solutions, WebPension is modular and customisable. You have the possibility to easily create and modify pages, and generate your own text and content to publish. Specific functions can be developed upon request, and elements of your visual identity included in the design.


For further information, please contact Mr Laurent Pittet.