Asset allocation

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We assist you with the introduction and strategic
monitoring of your asset allocation thanks
to an experienced team and sophisticated
proprietary analysis tools

Your challenges

  • How to position your portfolio and which asset classes should be preferred?
  • How can the desired performance targets be achieved?
  • What type of implementation should be preferred for your portfolio?
  • How should investment risks be approached and monitored to reduce the impact of uncertainty on your objectives?
  • What are the main risk factors with which your occupational benefit scheme is confronted?

Our solutions

  • Assessment of compliance of your asset allocation (reference indices, fluctuation margin, value fluctuation reserve etc.).
  • Development, reflection on, and implementation of, investment ideas.
  • Consolidated analyses of the risk factors affecting your portfolio and implementation of targeted risk budgets.
  • Putting in place prospective indicators to monitor risks and performance as a basis for decisions.

You have access to

  • A research team and an advisory board dedicated to asset allocation.
  • A clear presentation of our views on investments and our recommendations adapted to your particular needs.
  • Advanced proprietary risk management tools specially developed for the needs of occupational benefit schemes.
  • An overview of your investment process taking on board the structure of your commitments.
  • Various ranges of prices and services designed to meet your particular needs.
  • Neutral and independent advice on your asset management.


For further information, please contact Mr Marc Fournier.