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In the difficult environment in which they have
to operate, occupational benefit schemes must
be able to call upon reliable decision-making
tools and sound advice. Our ALM methodology
enables us to define an investment strategy which
is optimized to suit the structure and long-term
aims of your institution.

Your challenges

  • Is your asset allocation in line with your risk capacity?
  • Does your asset allocation enable you to achieve your objectives?
  • What are the best possible fluctuation margins in the light of your investment process and your performance needs?
  • What is the ideal level of your value fluctuation reserve?

Our solutions

  • An integrated approach to analysis of the risk capacity having regard to all the parameters of your occupational benefit scheme.
  • Involvement of the managing body in the determination of its investment risk tolerance and in the definition of its objectives.
  • Full and customised analyses of the key criteria which determine the trend of the scheme’s financial situation.
  • A possible comparison with our occupational benefit scheme universe.

You have access to

  • Broadly based expertise and proven proprietary software.
  • Customised modelling of the trend of your occupational benefit commitments and of your investment portfolio.
  • Specific tools to support our advice and your decision-making.
  • Independent, all-round advice which meets a high quality standard.
  • A range of prices and services which can be adapted to the needs and specific features of your occupational benefit scheme.


For further information, please contact Mr Marc Fournier.