Delegated management

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We intervene on a specific or recurring basis
to advise you on your investments. We give you
the benefit of our expertise, our contacts and
our range of services so that yourdecision-making
is faster and more efficient.

Your challenges

  • Can monitoring of your investments be delegated to enable you to focus on decision-making?
  • How can your investment process be structured most effectively?
  • How can your available time be managed most effectively?
  • How can the monitoring of your investment process be professionalised while retaining your autonomy?

Our solutions

  • Preparation, convening and follow-up of meetings linked to investments.
  • Preparation and clear explanations for the Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • Provision of our full range of tools and services.
  • Monitoring and challenging your service providers at the level of investments.
  • Updates required by regulations and follow-up of decisions to be taken.

You have access to

  • A team which is able to support you at every stage of your investment process.
  • In-depth knowledge of the needs of occupational benefit schemes and of their managerial bodies.
  • A structure adapted to the needs of occupational benefit schemes.
  • Time gained for effective decision-making.
  • Independent, full and highly qualified advice.
  • Ranges of prices and services which can be adapted to the needs and specific features of your particular occupational benefit scheme.


For further information, please contact Mr Marc Fournier.