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We help to set up and monitor your investment
governance. We bring to bear an experienced
approach based on a robust methodology
to enable you to create the value needed
to accomplish your mission.

Your challenges

  • How can you make sure that your investment process is in line with your asset allocation and your performance targets?
  • How can your investment process be optimised to achieve your objectives and improve your performance?
  • How can your investments be properly monitored over a period of time?
  • Does your investment process satisfy the legal obligations?

Our solutions

  • Evaluation of your investment process.
  • Putting in place customised key indicators.
  • Identification of sources of optimisation.
  • Global approach involving all the stakeholders.

You have access to

  • A robust methodology to assess your investment process and strengthen the likelihood of achieving your financial objectives.
  • Targeted recommendations based on key indicators specific to your institution.
  • A regular follow-up tool which presents the trend of your key indicators of good governance.
  • Neutral and independent advice on your investments.
  • Various ranges of prices and services to meet your needs.


For further information, please contact Mr Marc Fournier.