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Our investment tools are the ideal solution
to analyse and follow up the structure of
your portfolio and managers to make certain
that it is in line with your strategic objectives
and risk capacity.

Your challenges

  • Which strategy should be preferred for each asset class?
  • Are the choice of your managers and their structure ideal?
  • Is the exposure of your portfolio and your managers sufficiently diversified?
  • Do your managers respect the set targets and enable you to achieve your objectives?
  • What exchange rate hedging strategy should be preferred?

Our solutions

  • Development, reflection and implementation of investment ideas.
  • Assessment of the conformity of asset allocation (reference indexes, fluctuation margin, value fluctuation reserve etc.).
  • Consolidated analyses of the portfolio risk factors and adoption of targeted risk budgets.
  • Putting in place prospective indicators to monitor risks and performance.

You have access to

  • A research team and an investment committee dedicated to asset allocation.
  • A clear presentation of our investment views and recommendations adapted to your needs.
  • Advanced proprietary risk management tools specifically developed to meet the needs of occupational benefit institutions.
  • An overall view of your investment process, taking on board the structure of your commitments.
  • Various ranges of prices and services to meet your particular needs.
  • Neutral and independent advice on the structure of your portfolio and that of your managers.


For further information, please contact Mr Marc Fournier.