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We are particularly committed to the principles
of our company charter. For our clients,
this means accessible, flexible, and customised
service, provided in a clear and concise manner.

Our company charter is a statement of intent aimed at reinforcing the fundamental principles of Pittet Associates, setting objectives, and continually guiding the company in its organisation and actions. In particular, the document states our mission, vision, and values.

Mission: to provide expert opinion; to advise.
As an experienced agency, we provide our clients with answers, know-how, and advice in our areas of expertise. Pittet Associates have the common goal of fully addressing the specific needs of businesses, pension funds and insurance companies.

Our values are split into “Professional” and “Management values”.


Our professional values guide the day-to-day activities of all our employees. Independence, professionalism, transparency, proximity and vitality, form an integral part of our company culture.

Independence Based on our independence (the Vaudoise Group does not carry out any other activities in the 2nd pillar), impartiality, and capacity for critical thinking, we are in a position to guarantee services devoid of all conflicts of interest. Our independent and truly critical spirit is not only a key aspect of our integrity, but also forms the very foundation of our identity.

Professionalism Our professionalism is a result of in-depth training and well-tried knowledge. It embraces three essential qualities: competence, precision, and reliability.We are conscious of our responsibility with regard to the financial future of pension funds, and we base our analysis on our academic knowledge, professional experience, and rigorous processes. Our professionalism ensures our credibility and inspires client confidence.

Transparency Our policies and relationships are supported by clear, synthetic, and ethical analyses. Transparency, essential for ensuring credibility, informs each and every aspect of our actions.

Proximity We offer our clients a unique range of solutions adapted to their needs, based on careful attention to market trends, a high degree of availability, and personal contact. We consider direct contact and mutual trust essential for the development of an effective professional relationship.

Vitality A progressive view of our field and concern for entrepreneurial efficiency encourage us to constantly update our know-how, technology, and organisational structure, in order to guarantee their continued relevance, effectiveness, and development.

Our management values guide the day-to-day relationships that exist between ourselves and others. Our identity is founded on autonomy, versatility, respect, openness, and initiative.

Autonomy The autonomy of each employee is practised in accordance with our shared values, and strengthens the sense of self-reliance and individual responsibility. It is the direct result of the mutal trust established between the employee and the company. Responsible autonomy, a strategy that fosters professional growth and emboldens employees, constitutes the driving force of our organisation.

Versatility Our versatility has provided us with extensive experience in our field, and a global approach that offers constant stimulation in the wide variety of tasks that we encounter. Our versatility contributes to the cohesion of the organisation, generates synergies, and motivates our personnel.

Respect In the interest of cohesion, each staff member remains attentive to the needs and concerns of his or her colleagues. Mutual respect breeds collective harmony and is a vital part of building trust. This, in turn, fosters a sincere and healthy collaboration between co-workers.

Openness Both intellectual curiosity and the availabilty of staff members characterise our approach to managing a complex and diverse business environment. These values provide a sound basis for optimal collaboration. Open communication among colleagues reinforces team spirit. Conviviality is both a source and a result of fruitful cooperation, and contributes to a positive working atmosphere, where warmth, satisfaction, and authenticity can develop.

Initiative We heartily endorse the creativity of our personnel and the development of our structure. We promote initiative among our staff, as it is the best way for us to consistently improve and adapt to change.