A book that explains the 2nd pillar pension scheme

In partnership with the publishing company LEP and the cartoonist Mix & Remix, the Pittet Group has published a book entitled “Le 2e Pilier” (The 2nd Pillar), which makes operational benefit planning accessible to everyone.

This book is for everyone. Specialists in the business of operational benefit planning at the Pittet Group were careful to explain complex and technical terms in a straightforward manner. The text is enhanced with practical examples, illustrated with diagrammes, and organised accoarding to the issues of most concern to policyholders. The drawings by Mix & Remix are filled with offbeat, often sarcastic humour, and add a light touch to your reading. The book also contains a glossary of technical terms, a list of legal references, and a index of keywords that allows you to quickly find answers to specific questions.

Without taken sides in the debate on lowering the conversion rate, which is the object of a popular vote next March 7, this book does provide some perspective on the issue of conversion rates, and invites readers to consider operational benefit planning as a whole. A look at the history of social benefit schemes, an overview of how the Swiss system is based on three pillars, and a chapter on future challenges facing operational benefit planning illustrate the need for perspective when debating the issue of the 2nd pillar.

The writing and publishing of this book highligh the Pittet Group’s commitment to popularise and promote operational benefit planning. Among its key values for the past 15 years is its willingness to share its knowledge and ideas, in order to defend a coherent, economically viable, and socially adapted 2nd pillar pension scheme.

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Presse Release (pdf in French)
Selection of drawings by Mix & Remix (pdf in French)