Stéphane Riesen becomes a partner

Stéphane Riesen, Executive Director, is now a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Pittet Associés SA. Mr Riesen is responsible for the development of our actuarial consultancy activities in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

This new appointment sets the seal on his remarkable and tireless dedication to our company. Holder of a Master’s degree in actuarial sciences from HEC Lausanne and a chartered expert in pension insurance, Stéphane Riesen was recruited as a trainee 13 years ago by our founder, Meinrad Pittet, in whose footsteps he followed until he has now become an acknowledged consultant in French-speaking Switzerland.

The strengthening of its shareholding structure also enables our business to consolidate its services provided in French-speaking Switzerland and ensure their permanence. The quality of a service often depends on the people who provide it. The ability to count on Stéphane Riesen’s expertise long into the future will help to guarantee added value and the quality of the relationship that we intend to establish with our clients, partners and staff members.