The 2nd pillar explained by Mix & Remix


With more than 10,000 copies sold in French-speaking Switzerland when it came out in 2010, this best-seller, designed as a checklist by the staff of Pittet Associates, provides an overview of the main concepts and benefits covered by the 2nd pillar.

Readers can find out what a conversion rate is or how much a pension fund covers, assess the benefits to which they are entitled in the event of retirement, disability or death, and learn about more specific topics such as demographic trends and reinsurance. The Mix & Remix illustrations make it fun to read.

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Presented in a simple, light-hearted way, the material is enriched by illustrations by Mix & Remix, whose often quirky and sometimes provocative inspiration makes for entertaining reading, while giving the subject a different perspective, far removed from the seriousness it presupposes.

Topics covered include :

  • The 2nd pillar
  • The pension fund
  • Investments
  • Benefits
  • Future challenges.

Available in French and German from bookshops and from éditions lep.