Our core business

Actuarial skills are essential for enabling pension funds and insurance companies to offer attractive benefits while maintaining their financial equilibrium. It has been our core business since our company was founded in 1993.

Our independent and experienced specialists answer all your technical questions, act as pension experts or responsible actuaries if required, and carry out pension benefit calculations or solvency tests on your behalf.

Pension Planning Consulting

We help pension funds and companies deal effectively with their pension matters and challenges.

Each situation is unique and requires personalised advice.  In a close relationship based on trust, we offer you the benefit of our extensive experience, our creativity and our extensive network of specialist partners. 

Technical Appraisals

As an Accredited Pension Actuary, we work with private and public pension funds, with defined benefit and contribution plans, and with institutions under Swiss law or affiliated to international organisations.

Our extensive experience in this field and our passion for occupational pensions make us your ideal partner. Our reports are clear, rigorous and concise, adding value to our clients.


The commitments that occupational benefits institutions must provide for are realised over the long term. Taking account of this time horizon is at the heart of our consulting activities.

Thanks to the powerful technological tools we have developed, we can produce tailor-made projections, the results of which are presented to you in a clear manner, enabling you to make the best decisions for the future of your institution.

Implementation of accounting standards

As pension funds are subject to national or international accounting standards, a thorough knowledge of these rules is essential for the sound financial management of the institution and the founding company.

Our skills, experience and technological tools enable us to easily calculate pension liabilities and expenses and to provide them in the form you require (detailed report, ad hoc form, etc.).

Responsible Actuary

Insurance companies are required by law to appoint a responsible actuary and to submit to his or her technical analysis.

Thanks to our independence, our non-life actuarial expertise and our in-depth knowledge of the legal context, we carry out this analysis with rigour and provide you with a report that is a real management tool.

Swiss Solvency Test and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment

The Swiss Solvency Test (SST), which assesses the solvency of insurance companies, and the Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), which provides a forward-looking assessment of risks and solvency, are key elements of insurance supervision.

By assisting you with this analysis, and in particular by calculating the appropriate risk coverage, we provide you with a quantitative picture and monitoring of your solvency. In addition, our intervention relieves you of the considerable workload associated with these obligations.


Occupational pensions are a vast and increasingly complex field. The members of the Foundation Board and all other players in the field need to update their knowledge on a regular basis.

Our training programme has been an industry standard for many years. We can also tailor courses or seminars to meet your specific needs. Participants are always provided with high quality documentation.