Increasingly complex legislation

At a time when legislation is becoming increasingly complex and rapidly changing, it is essential for pension funds and employers to be able to call on experts who can answer the legal questions relating to their activities.

We offer a comprehensive legal advice and assistance service, specialising in all matters relating to occupational pensions, social security and employment law.

Regulatory Changes

The Pillar 2 and social security regulatory framework is constantly evolving and pension funds need to ensure that their various regulations are compliant and kept up to date.

At your request, we will review your regulatory documents to assess them and suggest any necessary adjustments or improvements.

Legal Drafting

Statutes, regulations, contracts, letters, legal opinions, memos, etc. Our legal experts are at your disposal to help you draft all the documents you need for your business.

From creation to proofreading, drafting and translation, we are here to meet your documentation needs.

Liquidation Management

When an employer undergoes a major downsizing, restructuring or termination of its membership contract, its pension fund may find itself in partial or total liquidation.

This type of situation requires the intervention of legal experts in order to manage the financial aspects in accordance with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions and with due regard for the various parties involved. Our lawyers are at your disposal to assist you in such a situation.

Legal Support

As the field of social security continues to evolve, pension funds are increasingly confronted with legal issues.

Our teams specialising in occupational pension law, social security law and employment law are at your disposal to answer all your questions and to support you in the performance of your tasks, whether on an ad hoc basis or on a more permanent basis.

Contract Review

In the course of its management and development, a pension fund must enter into a number of contracts with third parties. Some of these contracts are as sensitive as they are strategic, such as asset management or reinsurance contracts.

We can assist you in drafting and/or reviewing these key documents, taking into account the legal framework and your interests.


Occupational pensions are a vast and increasingly complex field. The members of the Foundation Board and all other players in the field need to update their knowledge on a regular basis.

Our training programme has been a market reference for many years We can also tailor courses or seminars to meet your specific needs. In addition, participants are always provided with high-quality documentation.