Journées de la prévoyance

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The pension planning seminar Journées de la prévoyance
is the primary gathering in French-speaking Switzerland
for occupational benefit planning. The thirteenth edition will
take place 15-17 June 2022.

Organised jointly by Pittet Associates and PwC, this seminar offers two days of training modules and discussions on issues related to the 2nd Pillar pension scheme. The aim of the Journées de la prévoyance is not only to gain better knowledge of the subject, but also to provide a moment for professionals to reflect and exchange ideas – and enjoy the magnficient backdrop provided by the Riviera Vaudoise.

The event consists of a choice between two sessions, with an attractive programme of conferences and workshops focusing on topical subjects, as well as presentations by leading stakeholders and a wide-ranging debate combining political, union and employer representatives.


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